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(Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear,
nor shall they grieve.)

(Those who believe and constantly guard against evil; for them are Glad Tidings,in the life of the Present and in the Hereafter)
Welcome to worlds largest site on Aulias and Walis of Allah. This site contains Centralized Database of all the Prominent Aulias of Allah in India. This site has a search engine by which you can search for all the Dargahs in India . The Site also has a Map of India for easy search. You can just Click on the State or the City and you will be directed to the most prominent dargah in that State with a Brief Description of that Wali.
All the Dargah's in India are handsome example of Indo-Islamic architecture. Whether as a place of pilgrimage or as representative of Islamic architecture, All the Dargahs are an integral part of India's Heritage and Culture and are visited by people from all the religions in India. In most cases the Hindu Visitors outnumber there Muslim brothers by a fair margin..

" Our mission is to live Islam without deviating from its path. We follow the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh); we avoid the extremes, utilize contemporary tools and means of all kinds, and uphold god-consciousness and piety. "
When we come to the texts 62, 63 of Sura Yunus in the eleventh para of Quran Hakeem, curiosity about who these blessed beings 'Aulia' are , is natural and how, in any case, are we to know about such elevated souls is the next thought. The word WALI has its origin in WALA which means nearness and victory, and, Wali Allah is he who attains nearness to Allah through ''FARAIZ'' that is, performance of prescribed Duties, and who not only remains engrossed in submission to Allah, but also whose heart remains absorbed in the light of the knowledge of Allah's grandeur, so that whenever he perceives, it is a perception of the power of Allah, and whenever he hears, it is Allahs texts and whenever he speaks, the words spoken are in appreciation of the Creator (Rubb), and whenever he acts the act is in obedience to Allah. Wali Allah is one who never tires of remembrance of Allah, That is, Zikarullah, and does not see anybody but Allah with the Eye of the Heart. This is the attribute of Wali, When Allah's servant attains this state, Allah All glory be to Him, befriends the servant, and becomes His servants defense and help.
Allah's Walis have observed that Wilayat means nearness to Allah and a state of remaining always engrossed with Him. When a servant of Allah attains that state fear does not affect the servant nor is there any grief for loss suffered or if anything ceases to exist. Hazrat Ibn-Abbas (RA) has observed that a 'Wali' is the person whose sight reminds us of Allah. Hazrat Ibn Zaid says that a Wali is the only person who possesses the attribute the above text enshrines.
Blessed souls that are Aulia Allah live, as well as die for Allah. Each action of a be-friended that is a Wali is always directed to the Wali's creator. This being so, Allah blesses the Wali or Aulia-Allah with permanent bliss both here and Hereafter.
Quran in para 2, sura Baqra-154,155,156,157 speaks high about these people. And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah : They are dead. Nay, they are living though ye perceive it not. Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives and the fruits (of your toil), but give Glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, who say, when afflicted with calamity. "To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return --- They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from their Lord And Mercy. And they are the ones that received guidance.
These persons, having received Allah's guidance continue over-time and down generations to be among the masses to help and guide them for, Prophets have ceased to come down, because the door of nabuwat (Prophecy) was decreed closed after Hazrat Sal Lal La ho alleh wasallam.
(This day I have perfected your religion, For you completed my favour upon you). Sura V. Maida 4
However, guidance continued to reach the masses through Aulia-Allah (the befriended of Allah) in order to keep the masses reminded of Allah, His Prophet and His book, the Holy Quran help the masses follow the right path (sirate mustaqeem) Such great beings termed as Muqarrabun in Quran in sura LVI (Waqia) are those who not only believe their creator as only Rubb and worship him alone and seek for his help alone but also know the true relation that exists between them and their Creator. They have been promised "Rest and Peace and Garden of Bliss" (S. LVI, 89)
If you say: There is no pir openly to be seen,Then you should seek another thousand times.For if no pir would remain in the world,Then neither the earth nor time would remain in place.The pir exists even now, but he is hidden.Having seen the narrow-mindedness of the people,He is wearing worn-out clothes.
Shaykh 'Azizuddin Nasafi speaks about the role of Iblis in this respect: "O, dervish! You will not find this wise man or this verifier of thetruth in mosques, preaching from the pulpit or reciting dhikr. You will not find him in the religious schools giving lessons, and you will not find him among the people of high office among the bookish people or among the idol worshippers. You will not find him in the Sufi centre prostrating himself with the people of fantasy and self-worshippers.
Out of these three places for worshipping God, there may be one person out of a thousand working for the sake of God". " O dervish! The wise man and the verifier of the truth, and the men of God are hidden and this hiddenness is their guardian, their club, their fortress, and their weapon. This is the reason why they are clean and pure. He that is not hidden is a plot and a trick of Satan". O, dervish! Their exterior is like the exterior of the common people and their interior is like the interior of the elite. They don't give access to any leader or chief and they have no claim to be a leader…They spend most of their time in retreat and seclusion, and they don't enjoy interaction with this world. They are opposed to company with those of high position. If it is useful, they spend their time in association with the dear ones and the dervishes".
May Allah forgive us if knowingly or unknowingly we have done any Mistakes or Gunahs while developing this site. But Our Niyat is only that the whole world should know about all the Great Awliya's of Allah who have dedicated their whole lives for Spreading ISLAM.