Shaykh Ahmad Khatu

Shaykh Ahmad Khatu

Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India


Mainly erected under Mahmud Begada's reign (1442–51), it has been built on the location where the holy man and religious Muslim leader Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh (or Shaikh Ahmad Khattri)lived and died (in 1446). He was the spiritual guide of the sultan Ahmed Shah. He is said to have been one of the fourth Ahmed who founded the city of Ahmedabad. His Roza or Maqbara is one of the biggest mausoleum of India, competing with the Taj Mahal. The complex became a retreat place for sultans and later an imperial necropolis.

Organized around a large artificial water reservoir are to be found gardens, a mosque and the holy man's tomb, together with the tombs of Mahmud Begada and his wife Rajabai, as well as palaces, a harem and pavilions. The buildings have an austere beauty, a mixture of Hindu and Islamic styles.

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