Mazare Aqdas Huzur Shaikh e Azam Makhdoomul Ulema Hazrat Syed Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani Rahmatullahalaih Sajjadanasheen Khanqahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare'n kalan Kichocha Moqaddasa

Mazare Aqdas Huzur Shaikh e Azam Makhdoomul Ulema Hazrat Syed Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani Rahmatullahalaih Sajjadanasheen Khanqahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare'n kalan Kichocha Moqaddasa

Ambedkar Nagar,Uttar Pradesh, India





Sayyad Izhar Ashraf (Shaykh al-A’zam) is the eldest son of Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Sayyad Mukhtar Ashraf Rahmatullahi alayh therefore he is the present Janasheen of Astana Alia Ashrafia Hasaniya Sarkar-e-Kalan. This also means he falls in line with the many esteemed and pious Wali’s (saints) that have come through Kicchocha Shareef.


Shaykh al-A’zam was born On the 6th of Muharram 1935 at Kicchocha Shareef . His arrival had been foretold by his great grandfather AlaHadrat ‘ Ashrafi Miya ‘ Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh who predicted his birth whilst on a sacred pilgrimage of Hajj.


 In accordance with the family tradition, when he attained the age of four years, four months and four days, his auspicious Bismillah khani was performed by his esteemed father Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh in very colourful and spiritual surroundings. Many pious and notable dignitaries like His Eminence Hadrat Makhdoom al-Millet Sayyadina Muhaddith al-A’zam al-Hind Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh were present.

Like his predecessors, he started his early education at home and then at Madrassa Ashrafiya (Kicchocha Shareef) founded by AlaHadrat ‘Ashrafi Miya Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh his great grandfather. His father, Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh took special care of his education as he was to be his Wali Ahad Janashin after him. From the very beginning of his education, he was always punctual and attentive to his studies.


After completing his primary education at Kicchocha Shareef, Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh sent him to Darul-Uloom Ashrafiya at Mubarakpur Azamgarh, U.P. which was also founded by Ala Hadrat ‘Ashrafi Miya’ Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh. He was sent here for the education of Dars-e Nizami. He was fully devoted to his studies, in order to gain profficiency in every subject of theology. The teachers of the Jamia  paid him special attention as he was the son of Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh.



Shaykh al-A’zam was awarded his Dastar-e-Fazilat and degree of Fazil-e-Nizamia in 1959. In this function many renowned personalities of Khanwada-e-Ashrafiya and other savants of Islam participated in the tying of the turban ceremony. Among the dignitaries present were His Eminence Hadrat Makhdoom al-Millet Sayyadina Muhaddith al-A’zam al-Hind Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh as well  Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh and other notable Mashaykh.


 Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh shared some of his extra responsibilties of the Khanqah onto Shaykh al-A’zam to lessen his burden. Shaykh al-A’zam had embarked on teaching, until he was thrust into the propagation of Silsila-e-Ashrafiya which he took to with great enthusiasm and determination. Seeing how his son adapted in his new role it became clear to Hadrat Sarkar-e-Kalan Rahmatullahi ta’ala alayh) that his son could probably mange on his own, so eventually Shaykh al-A’zam took full responsibilty and developed and modernised the facilities for the many visiting pilgrims. Achievements


 As well as the many new buildings and constructions that Hadrat Shaykh al-A’zam oversaw and continues to oversee, Shaykh al-A’zam still has time to spread the Message of Peace and Love of Islam to many parts of India and further. The message of Silsila-e-Ashrafiya soon spread and many militant and heretical new sects were being squeezed. Because of this spiritual enterprise Shaykh al-A’zam acquired many new mureeds from Bangladesh to as far as Europe. He is also an eloquent speaker and a notable and praiseworthy poet.


 Of his many travels Shaykh al-A’zam has visited many important shrines of respected Awliya-e-Kareem as well as completing the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj at least 3 times plus many more Ziyarats of Umrah.
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  • Nearest Airport : Lucknow Airport and Varanasi Airport
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