Shah Niaz Ahmed Sahab (Sajjada Hasni Miyan, Khwaja Qutub)

Shah Niaz Ahmed Sahab (Sajjada Hasni Miyan, Khwaja Qutub)

Bareilly ,Uttar Pradesh, India


Parental Lineage
From his father's side the lineage goes to Ali and from his mother's side it goes to Fatimah Zahra. He was an Alvi from his paternal and his mother was Rizvi Syed.

His great grandfathers belonged to the royal family of Bukhara (present day Uzbekistan). Among his great grandfathers Shah Ayaat-ul-lah Alvi left the sultanate and settled in Multan (Punjab province of present day Pakistan). His grandson Azmatullah Alvi came to Sirhind (Punjab,India), his son Elahi Shah Muhammad Rahmat-ul-lah later came and settled in Delhi. He was the father of Niyaz. He was appointed Chief Justice in Delhi. He earned the title of "Hakim-e-Elahi". Shah Niyaz was born in Sirhind and came to Delhi with his father.
His mother's Name was Bibi Ladoo but was famous by the name of Hazrat Bibi Garib Nawaz. She was daughter of Syed Maulana Sa'id-ud-din, who traced his descent from Musa al-Kazim. He was a spiritual caliph of Kalim-ul-lah of Shahjahanabad (Delhi). She was herself a spiritual lady. Her spiritual teacher Shah Mohi-ud-din Diyasanami/Giyasnami inducted her twice in Qadria order of Sufism, the reason for making her a disciple for the second time was that, as he said, he was actually making the child in her womb (Niyaz) his disciple.

Additional Info

Education His primary education started at home under the guidance of his maternal grandfather Sa'id-ud-din. He got higher education from Madarsa Faqriya, Delhi which was equivalent to a college at that time. He completed his education including Quran, Hadis , Tafseer, Fiqh at the age of 15. He was awarded the degree of Farighut-tahsil after 3 days of questioning by various scholars. He then became a teacher there. He later became the principal of the madarsa.
How to Reach: Train,Bus,Air,
  • Nearest City : Bareilly
  • Nearest Bus Stop : Bareilly
  • Nearest Airport : Delhi
  • Nearest Railway Station : Bareilly
  • Contact Person Name : Mohd. Sibtain Niazi. (Shabbu Mian)
  • Contact Person Phone : 0091- 98371791