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Yet another Dargah situated in Delhi, it is very significant to people following Islam. Dedicated to Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kalki, who was the spiritual successor of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer, this Dargah is quaint and serene. The marvelous architecture has an old world charm to it. People from different parts of the country visit this Dargah to get their prayers answered and tie a thread near the grave while making that wish.

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Special Attraction: The best time to visit the dargah is during the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. However, Fridays and Thursdays are also good days to visit and experience the qawwalis and celebration in the dargah. Once Delhi being the city of Mughals, numerous mosques and dargahs are here with distinct significances. Amongst those numerous, one famous is Dargah Qutub Sahib. Dargah Qutub Sahib (near Gandhak ki Baoli), is an important Muslim pilgrimage site in Delhi and a famous tourist attraction in the city. This dargah is dedicated to Qutub Sahib, popularly known as Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki - a disciple of Hazrat Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer. He established Sufism in and around Delhi. Dargah Qutub Sahib is considered to be highly dedicated, and thus, is visited by pilgrims of different regions.
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  • Nearest City : Delhi
  • Nearest Bus Stop : Delhi
  • Nearest Airport : Delhi
  • Nearest Railway Station : Delhi
  • Contact Person Name : 00000
  • Contact Person Phone : 0000000

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