Shrine of Hazrat Bibi Fatima Sam (ra)

Shrine of Hazrat Bibi Fatima Sam (ra)

Delhi,Delhi, India


Shrine of Hazrat Bibi Fatima Sam (ra) ,Delhi. She is one of the pious and humble women devotees of the age. She is frequently mentioned in the discourses of Shaykh Nizam al Din Awliya' and his disciples. They say that the emperor of the masters, Shaykh Nizam al Din Awliya, frequently meditated in the shrine of Fatima Sam. Shaykh Farid al Din Ganj-I Shakar said , "Fatima Sam is a man sent in the form of woman".

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haykh Nizam al Din said, " When the lion has come out of the forest, nobody asks if it is male or female ; the children of Adam must obey and show respect ,whether it is male or female. Now, in the stories of Fatima Sam there has been much said regarding her extreme piety and old age. I have seen her. She was a great woman. She was the adopted sister of Shaykh Farid al din and Shaykh Najib al din Mutawwakil.She recited verses on every subject. I have heard
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