Dargah Hazrat Khwaja Abdullah Chisty (RA)

Dargah Hazrat Khwaja Abdullah Chisty (RA)

Chhota Sheikhpura,Bihar, India


He was born in Old Bhakkhar, Sindh and he received his initial education from the scholars of his family.
His ism (given name) is Khwajah Abdullah Chishti and he was bestowed with the titles of Qutb-ul-Asr, Qutb e Bihar, Fani Fillah and Peerzada e Chisht.
Hazrat Khwajah Sayyad Abdullah Chishti bin Khwajah Sayyad Asadullah Chishti[n 1] bin Khwajah Sayyad Burhan Uddin Chishti bin Khwajah Sayyad Abdur Rahman Chishti bin Khwajah Sayyad Mohammad Jaan Chishti[n 2] bin Khwajah Sayyad Sam’aan Sani Chishti bin Khwajah Sayyad Mansoor Chishti bin Khwajah Sayyad Qutub Uddin Maudood Chishti[1]

Khwaja Abdullah Chishti began his journey from Old Bhakkhar and after making pilgrimage to various Mashaikh[n 3], he finally arrived at the shrine of Makhdoom Jahan Sheikh Sharf Uddin Ahmad Yahya Maneri. There he had a spiritual meeting with Makhdoom Jahan and it was revealed upon him to make Sheikhpura his permanent abode from where he would propagate the commandments of Allah.

Sayyad Shah Hussain Uddin Gayawi says:

During the period of Mughal Empire, Hazrat Khwajah Abdullah Chishti commenced his divine journey from old Bhakkhar and after receiving the blessings of various Mashaikh, he finally arrived in the province of Bihar. At the shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom ul Mulk Shah Sharf Uddin Yahya Maneri, it was revealed upon him that he is required to make his permanent abode in the proximity. And the exact location will be determined with the help of miswaak o asaa (a twig for cleaning teeth and a walking stick). Hence he stayed for a night at a place which was at a distance of about 42 kms south of the shrine. In the morning after making ablution he planted the miswaak in the ground which soon turned green with the appearance of new buds. A fountain also sprang out from the ground the where he inserted his walking stick. From these miraculous sign he comprehended the prophecy and made Sheikhpura his permanent abode and then occupied himself with remembrance of God.

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