Sufi Saint Hazrat Barati Shah Sarkar Rahmatullah Alay

Sufi Saint Hazrat Barati Shah Sarkar Rahmatullah Alay

Udaipur,Rajasthan, India


It is a well known historical fact that in spreading the ethical and spiritual values of Islam, major and effective contributions have been made by the walis of Allah (saints). It was their humanistic disposition and pity, which won over the hearts of lakhs of people. They made a direct contact with the masses, served and loved them, lived with them in the realisation of Eternal Truth
Dargah Shrief, a place where wishes and desires come true. Devotees from all over the world visit this Dargah to be blessed by Mastan Baba and to fulfill their desires. More often than not their wishes do come true and the wish fulfillment is usually followed by devotees offering flowers, gilaf (velvet cloth), ittar (non-alcoholic perfume) and sandal wood powder. Besides these offerings they also recite Quran, Nafal Namaz, Milad and Aayat-e-Karima and Khatam Khawajgan.

His shrine is situated in udaipur in Mallatalai area near rani road.
He is the one who is always engaged in ibadah of allah during his whole life time.his powers were hidden from the people of udaipur. but once he came into notice when one seasonal small river of udaipur get flooded and mastan baba was busy in zikr of allah on the bridge (there is some chilla is there on the bridge name of the bridge is ayad)soon the river get flooded and the water start overflowing .but it was a miracle that baba was calmly keep engaged in zikr and water didn't even touch his feet.and keep flowing around him..many of the residents of udaipur had witnessed this although i did't get the chance might be i was not born or too young ..eventually time passes he is like mastan might be he left udaipur after that incident. then before 12-13years a news has erupted in city that a darvesh had come in udaipur and he got seated in gulab bagh of udaipur under a tree and busy in zikr(gulab bagh is one of very extensive garden spread in area of few kms in mid of city)it was mastan baba people start calling him gulab bagh wale baba .muncipality of udaipur came in action they try their best to remove him from the garden as it was public property but useless .except allah(tabaaraka Wtaala) none can remove him here people start coming to visit him .
Whoever visit him will get his wishes fulfill.I too had a chance to visit him at that time i was only 13 years old.He was like zinda wali to us.But time came when Allah called his mehboob toward him and in 1998 Mastan baba ki rooh parvaaz kar gaye aur wo apne malike haq se jaa mile.....then too there was a great matter where to buried that soul althogh he take his last breath in gulab bagh he told that for him new gulab bagh will be bulit but at that time nobody understand what he mean...?

Then a current minister of indian govt Mr. C.M Ibrahim arrived at udaipur first time and he with the helpof peole of city purchase a huge plot of land at outskirts of udaipur(which has now become ver populous due to mastan baba's karam)
now if u come and see really the mastan baba ' dargah had acquired a lot of greenery the smallplants which had grown 10-11 years before had become trees .it start looking like gulab bagh as mastan baba said..morever a beautiful masjid is under construction ....and poor people were feed daily through the langar organise by dargah committee.and a madarsa is also run to educate nearby chidlren
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  • Nearest City : Ajmer
  • Nearest Bus Stop : Udaipur
  • Nearest Airport : Udaipur
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