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It is either with grace of Allah or a small miracle of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz that humble and helpless creatures like us who have little knowledge, make up their mind to compile the life history of the Greatest Aulia Allah and complete it in the form of a Website. The paramount necessity for presenting this website is to present a Centralized Database of all the Aulias of Allah under one banner. India is a land of Walis and Aulias. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari you will find a lots of Dargahs of Wali Allah but till now there was not a single source from where one could collect the Information about this Walis. Faizan e Gausul Alam is the Watsup Groups about, Islami teaching. Our One of the Information Advicer give him all Information about website (Darganh/AASTANA/Mazare Aqdas) to all Viewer's and Visitors- Janab Hazrat Qari Naseem Akhtar Ashrafi-Mobile No-09415822395

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Hazarat Bibi Maryam Dargah

She was placed under the care of the prophet Zechariah, the husband of Hannah's sister and Mary's maternal uncle and caretaker.

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Hazarat Salim Chisti (rehmatullahi aleh)

Buland Darwaza : This gate is approached by 13 meter fl...

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Dargah Name is Hazrat Sheikh Kareemullah Shah Qadri Chisty (RA)

Coming Soon

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Dargah of the Week- Darganh Kichocha Moqaddasa-Moqaddas Moqamaat at Darganh Kichocha Shareef

Moqaddas Moqamaat at Darganh Kichocha Shareef- AASTANA e Alia, Auliya Masjid, Neer Shareef, Chille ganh, Rauza Bibi Sulta'n Khatoon Rahmatullahalaiha, (Ahliya Shah Abdul Razzaq Noorul ain Jilani Rahmatullahalaih), Shah Abdullah Shaheed ( Pahlewaan Shaheed Baba) .

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Dear Visitor/Hazraat, Presenting (Website) to Providing the information about the various AASTANA/DARGAH/ MAZAR E AQDAS in whole INDIA in the best possible way. It means Auliya Allah in india is a complete information of All Sufi/ Buzurganedeen with important places of that AASTANA And short Biography of Auliya Allah with How to reach? where to stay with complete Travling information through Aeroplane/ Train and by road and All things about AASTANA & Auliya Allah. There are numerous AASTANA/DARGAAH in india where peoples visit to seek blessings and make wishes. Indians of All faiths feel culturally connected to the Sufi traditions and its history. Islaam in india is today a living religion. There are numerous AASTANA/ DARGAAH/ MAZAR E AQDAS in india, some are well known but there are others whose popularity is restricted to the local regions. Some are in interior places. We there for Attempt to make these AASTANA/ DARGAAH known globally. We and my social org...







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Famous Dargahs

Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti

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Dargah Of: Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti

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Aastana Hazrat Makhdoom Sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Semnani

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Dargah Of: Hazrat Makdoom Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani Kichhochhawi ( RA)

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Upcoming Urs/Ongoing Urs

09 Oct 2021

AASTANA Huzur Sarkare'n kalan Makhdoomul Mashaikh Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammad Mukhtar Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani Kichochwi Rahmatullahalaih Sajjadanasheen Khanqahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare'n k

Syed Mohammed Mukhtar Ashraf (Urdu: ??? ???? ?????????, Hindi: ???? ??????? ??????? ?????) (born on 4 August 1916 CE; 4 Shawwal 1334 AH) well known as Sarkar E Kalan (Urdu: ????? ????, Hindi: ????? ? ...

Dargah Of: Huzur Sarkare'n kalan Syed Mohammad Mukhtar Ashraf Rahmatullahalaih Kichochwi

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